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We are an independent family practice office with one physician who will see you and know you.

We utilize an advanced medical record system to care for you and maintain your records securely. We have assistants who type on the computer and assist the doctor so he can focus on you and not a keyboard.

These team members will be your personal health assistants. It is more complicated for us to set up this team, but it allows better care for you and more enjoyment and satisfaction for Dr. Richman.

We were certified as a Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home. This is the highest recognition attainable. We moved on from this to other high standard of care metrics.

Our office meets standards of care and demonstrates our ability to improve all aspects of care for you. This includes offering easy to obtain appointments to getting medication and testing while sharing information with your specialists to improve your health care.

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We are a Keystone Preferred Provider and if you have a Keystone East Medicare Product your will not pay to be seen. We like this as it makes it easier for you to get care and easier for us to provide care.

Dr. Richman's office was just awarded Independence Blue Cross Top Quality Practice for 2019 in Family Practice.

We help you navigate the complex health care delivery system to get you the care you need and deserve

We have all vaccines in house now.

Influenza vaccine is available in high-dose for those over 65 years of age and regular dose for under 56 years of age. Our regular vaccine is quadrivalent and has for (not 3) components and does not have any association with egg allergy.
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