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We have been busy in the office all during the pandemic. We have triaged and treated many patients who were ill or fearful of coming to office with Telemedicine visits. We are continuing Telemedicine visits and you just need to call the office and a real person will answer the phone. You will tell them of your needs. In some situations patients are made aware of our safety precautions and that it is safe to come into the office.

We have strict protocols which are patient centric and easy for you to do and keep you safe.

----IF YOU ARE ILL OR HAVE A FEVER OR COUGH ; you will contact the office. We will discuss how you are feeling and if you have any symptoms which are concerning for the Coronavirus.
-If we believe you may be infected we will discuss your needs at length over the phone. You do not need a computer or screen as we have cared for many patients just with a simple phone call. Dr. Richman will be happy to spend time with you on the phone to help you understand your situation. We will then determine the best course of action for you.

----IF YOU NEED TO BE SEEN: we can accommodate you. We have always seen non Covid patients in the office during this pandemic. We can see you and keep you safe.

You will arrive at office and while parked in the parking lot you will let us know you are present.

We will tell you to wait and when a spot is available we will call you and bring you into the office. we will have you mask and wash your hands (we like lots of soap and bubbles) and singing happy birthday may be done at your discretion.

You will be alone in the waiting room.for proper social distancing, If we are busy you will be then moved to the TEAL COVE which looks more like a lounge than office and you will be cared for by one of the scribes.

If you are only in for an immunization you be taken to the small waiting room in the back and again are socially distanced. You will be care for quickly to help you get back to your world.

We are gloved and masked and the doctor is gloved, masked and also wears a face shield to further protect you.

We clean surfaces between patients to assure your safety.
Prescription refills are treated in the same manner as visits. If you are ill and it is best for you not to be out, we will check you over the phone for good measure and send prescriptions in accordance with safety and good judgement. If you are well we can always make time to see you. we do not go home until everyone is cared for.
The nasal swab utilizes a PCR test which amplifies RNA genes from the virus so it will look for living viruses and allow a "count" of the population of living virus.

We were listening to "Doctor Radio" on Sirius Satellite every night after work for many months during the pandemic. This followed the experience of doctors form New York University Medical School. It was apparent early on that there was a flaw in the test and that a false-negative rate was very high. This meant that many persons were told their test was negative when it was indeed positive.

In the first few months we could easily identify patients who had the virus. They had high fever, severe body aches, and pain with breathing and cough. Many also had gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea. the Chinese had reported 42% of their patients presented with symptoms of diarrhea.

I had many patients who desired testing. We would see them in the parking lot and perform a nasal swab test. This seems harsh but we had to keep the office safe for the many. No one minded. Many patients who were very ill and had prolonged illness still tested negative and I had to explain the false-negative rate.

I have never been a fan of the nasal test as we came to see if you had the symptoms you be quarantined and released per State of Pennsylvania Health Department guidelines.
Testing for Coronavirus by means of a blood test would look for antibodies to the virus. Early studies made the point that every week another third of patients would "turn" positive. so maybe one-third of patients positive the first week and others maybe false negative? The second week up to two-thirds of patients and positive and the others false negative?> and the third week many were positive. The false negative rate was not known, to me at least.
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